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The Explorers Club are a six-piece band from Charleston, SC


Hey Everybody!
This is Dave.  and it’s my first official blog for the band!  We’re going to try and do a better job of keeping this thing rolling along and keeping you guys informed.  At the moment i’m sitting in room 103 of the LaQuinta inn in Denton, Texas.  we played a show last night at a club called Haileys.  pretty sweet club, really nice staff – but unfortunately not very well attended show.  All the bands last night – The Mannequin Men, Catfish Haven, Zest of Yore, and us – pretty much played for each other.  it was still fun though.  a good practice.  we went to this sweet little artsy coffee shop downtown before the show called Jupiters.  real hip joint with all those earth conscious beverages and such.  and although all the artwork hanging on the wall looked like my 18 month old nephew could’ve done it, it was still a sweet place to get some herbal tea and vitamin C enriched smoothie drinks.  go there, get a beverage, and sit in the blue chair against the wall on the left, i found it quite relaxing.  We also ate some sweet grub at The Blackeyed Pea before the show.  great stuff!  haven’t eaten at that chain in a while.  i’m a sucker for their fried pickles.
Our waitress Kera was really sweet too.  Ask for her if you ever go there.  She ended up coming to the show when she got off work – so we at least had one person there that wasn’t in a band!  thanks Kera!

Everybody’s been battling this cold/cough/fever bug that’s circulating itself through various members of the band.  Wally was pretty bad off the other day but Neil has it the worst now.  Poor guy, i think the only time he’s been awake these past two days was to play the drums last night.  other than that he’s been in the van or on the floor of the hotel room trying to sleep his cold off.  Me and Jim had the illness before we left charleston, and Jason had it before us.  We’re thinking about hiring a pharmaceutical rep to be a 7th member of the band to keep us in some good drugs.

we drive to Austin today.  really looking forward to this week.  it’s so much fun!
more from the road coming soon!  we’ll keep you updated.  we love you all!



The Explorers Club
“Don’t Forget the Sun”

[unsigned; 2006]


Beach Boys. Beach Boys, Beach Boys. Beach Boys!!! Like Brian Wilson entering his own John Malkovich portal (so that’s why he stayed in bed), the Explorers Club’s musical language has a one-track vocabulary– Beach Boys?– but somehow speaks volumes. Unlike most psych-rockers who cite Pet Sounds as an influence, the Charleston, S.C., sextet would actually sound at home in that record’s grooves. No whiny indie vox here: Four singers pool their voices in majestic waves of harmony, while “God Only Knows” keyboards, horns, soft hand claps, and tinkling percussion make for the most convincingly Beach-ready recent production not helmed by New Orleans’ Hercules. It’d be a little tribute-bandy if it weren’t so damn effective; “Don’t Forget the Sun” places the group in a harmony-drenched, slightly spacey tradition spanning from the Zombies to Super Furry Animals. “I wish the summer sun would last the whole year long,” the Explorers Club sing. Learn to say their name– at least until they find their own portal and the reviews start writing themselves.